UX Writing - Bestway Portal Redesign

Redesigned the warranty claim process for Bestway customers.

UX Writing - Bestway Portal Redesign
UX Writing - Bestway Portal Redesign

As copywriter at Bestway, I worked with a UX design firm to redesign the process for online warranty claims. This included:

  1. Interviewing stakeholders within customer service, product development and packaging design.
  2. Establishing the pain points of the process and determining possible fixes.
  3. Collaborating a wireframes and mockups with a UX designer.
  4. Handing off the final versions to development for implementation.

Project Details


Increase online warranty claim submissions, reduce inbound call volume.


  • Service department was processing warranty claims over the phone 10x more than online.
  • Surveys found less than 10% of customers knew they could submit claims online.
  • Original warranty process was confusing and prone to glitches.


This project was not completed due to a lack of dev resources. Updates and revisions to the Beta version were not implemented.

I've created a mockup with the update notes via Invision. I then completed the changes using Sketch.

Mockup with UX notes

Mockup with UX updates

Current online version